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Balcony Balustrades at Bletchley, Milton Keynes

The problem

The MC2 blocks in Bletchley are 2-storey corner blocks built in the early 1960’s. All the flats have concrete balconies with a steel balustrade and due to their age and construction resulted in numerous defects which needed addressing:

  • The concrete was spalling on the balcony corners, side/front face and soffits.
  • The concrete slabs of the ground floor balconies were in poor condition and settling, causing the steel posts supporting the first-floor slabs to drop and compromise the stability of the first-floor balconies.
  • The balustrade and posts of all balconies were in a poor condition and required renewal to meet current standards.

The solution

Gunite (Eastern) Ltd was appointed by Mears Group to undertake the remedial works which included:

  • Propping the retained first-floor balcony slabs while the ground floor slabs were removed and replaced with new slabs.
  • Removal of the existing railings and repair of the damaged concrete using the Sika Monotop System.
  • Cleaning, repair and coating of the underside of the old soffit using Sika Gard coatings. Both the first and ground floor slabs were finished with the Sikafloor fully reinforced quick cure 405 and 420 system.
  • Installation of new galvanised steel balustrade and support posts including privacy panels for each balcony to match the existing, with fixing plates chemically-fixed into structure.

The works to the 72 No. ground and first floor balconies were carried out over a seven-month period.

All works were carried out with residents in-situ.

Client Your MK
Value £755,000
Duration 7 Months
Sector Social Housing
Accreditations 2018