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Class 0 Coating systems by Gunfire2

Class 0 Coating Systems

Gunfire specialises in the site application of fire retardant class 0 coating systems to protect against the rapid spread of flame.

Class 0 coating systems are used in areas where limited combustibility is required in high risk areas such as an escape route.  At Gunfire we have the knowledge and expertise to identify whether existing coatings are suitable for upgrading or whether they need to be completely stripped and a new class 0 coating system applied.

Coating Systems applied by Gunfire include:

  • Class 0 – overcoat system
  • Class 0 – bare surfaces
  • Class 0 – plastered or previously painted surfaces
  • Class 0 – timber.

To see examples of our Class 0 Coatings work please click on the link.

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