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Corrosion prevention and Cathodic Protection by Gunite

Corrosion Prevention

As one of the UK’s leading specialist contractors Gunite can assist you with your corrosion prevention and cathodic protection requirements.

Our qualified operatives can assess the level of risk to new structures or extent of corrosion on existing structures and provide the most appropriate preventative solutions and systems.

For new build structures if the risk of corrosion is considered to be significant then we can install a corrosion prevention system during construction.

For existing structures our preventative methods of corrosion control include:

  • Anti-carbonation coatings to provide protection against the ingress of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water, whilst allowing damp substrates to breathe without blistering.
  • Migratory corrosion inhibitors that migrate through concrete on existing structures to help product the steel reinforcement.
  • Cathodic protection to control the corrosion of metal surfaces.

To view some examples of our cathodic protection and corrosion prevention works please click on the link.

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