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corporate responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

As well as practising our ethos and values, we are also committed to our corporate responsibility which is the action we take to recognise our impact on the wider community.

We try and embed the following principles in our everyday work:

  • Shared social and environmental responsibility – We aim to develop and implement social and environmental policies which fit in with our colleagues everyday activities and responsibilities.
  • Honesty and accountability – Our success depends on the integrity of all of our staff and we are both honest and accountable in all our dealings with customers and suppliers.
  • Improved performance and sustainable progress – We continually strive to improve the sustainability of our business.
  • Legislative compliance – We pride ourselves on our high standards and adherence to all legislative rules and regulations.
  • Development business ethics – We aim to instill in our people a set of moral guidelines and expectations that they can follow when making decisions.
  • Equal opportunities and diversity – Our aim is to create a respectful working environment in which discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Community involvement – Each year we choose two charities to work with, one of which is local and we support the active involvement of all our employees.
  • Training and development – The policy of the group is to ensure that all personnel at all levels are trained and become sufficiently experienced to the extent necessary to competently and effectively undertake their assigned activities and responsibilities.
  • Safe and healthy working environments – We are committed to the principles and policies formulated under current Health and Safety legislation.  We work alongside clients to ensure that safety is at the top of every agenda and built into every decision we make.

We believe that corporate responsibility is about considering the whole process, every step that our business takes from internal policies to external dealings with clients and suppliers.

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